December 2010 : We had participated in “AutoExpo Pune”

November 2010 : We had participated in “Engineering Expo Pune”

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We provide high quality and easy-to-use 3D White Light scanning solutions to the industry…….

You have a prototype but no blueprint? Need to remake an old part that the OEM doesn't even have a drawing for, let alone have in stock? Your ISO 9000 system requires that you define the product you make? You are in the aftermarket parts business? Do you want to ensure your product being produced to your standards? If so, we offer numerous ways to define parts or product, ACADTECH provides everything from raw measurement data to parametric engineering drawings that correspond to a 3D CAD solid model!

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Conventional way of inspection like gauges and CMM's are inefficient and cannot check the part thoroughly. Our state of the art non contact digitizing systems are fast, efficient and provide high resolution data that provides every vital dimensional information on the part, thus avoiding potential errors.
Inspection/ Quality control may be one of the most important cogs in the manufacturing process. It requires the highest level of attention to detail as well as the most efficient techniques to compare and inspect the manufactured part to the design intent.

Our processes can be used to generate inspection reports, CAD verification reports as well as cross sections and easy to understand color error plots. Color error plots identify the problem areas easily and mark those areas with different colors. Assembly line inspection can be performed in process, thereby reducing errors and saving time and effort. Hidden assemblies can be easily inspected and interference be detected between different parts.


Scan Data of prototype

Alignment with Cad data Deformation analysis Sectional Inspection
Attention to Detail
High resolution data does not ignore any features on the part.
View the results in easy to understand color plots.
Ability to generate convention CMM type reports as well
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