December 2010 : We had participated in “AutoExpo Pune”

November 2010 : We had participated in “Engineering Expo Pune”

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We provide high quality and easy-to-use 3D White Light scanning solutions to the industry…….

You have a prototype but no blueprint? Need to remake an old part that the OEM doesn't even have a drawing for, let alone have in stock? Your ISO 9000 system requires that you define the product you make? You are in the aftermarket parts business? Do you want to ensure your product being produced to your standards? If so, we offer numerous ways to define parts or product, ACADTECH provides everything from raw measurement data to parametric engineering drawings that correspond to a 3D CAD solid model!

Services >Product Design for Conceptual clay models

Money and time can substantially be saved when using our services for product design and development. We help you get your product to the market faster and cheaper. Conceptual clay models can be digitized and converted into a Nurbs surface model.
an existing product can be digitized and then changes can be done with the resulting surface/solid model. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals delivers the ultimate in quality to build the most complex digital models in the shortest

amount of time possible. Designing is done in the most popular CAD systems being used in the industry. We support all the major file formats acceptable in the industry today. We deliver models in the following formats and more:

Iges, prt, x_t, model, dxf, stl, slc, vda, vrml, bmw, des, nas, iv, obj, sys
Past projects have included automotive and aerospace parts, consumer objects, Tool and Die, as well as toys and entertainment products. We guarantee seamless integration of our data into your software systems, be it a solid modeling or a surface modeling project.




  Save Time and Money for building infrastructure
  Get to your market faster
  Conversion of clay models into digital models
  Highest quality
  Support for all the industry acceptable formats


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